Ultimate The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblvion — Ultimate Hints

When playing a new game you often make mistakes, it’s natural. The ultimate mini playing guide to Oblivion!

General Tips

— When creating your character concept make sure not forget to give them a way to open locks, AND a way to heal themselves. You’ll find health potions sucking your gold away quicker than you can make, or you ending up dead. Use Security or Alteration skills to pick locks and Restoration or Alchemy to heal.
— Leveling up sounds great with the added health and magic boost, but in Oblivion the characters and creatures level with you. It’s much better to gain a new skill perk (apprentice, journeyman, expert, master) then to go levels.
— Don’t forget to use your “once a day” powers. If you aren’t actively considering it as a battle alternative then it’ll go to waste. (They are the MOST useful at lower levels!)

Equipment Tips

— There’s nothing quiet like the lumbering feeling of taking a three day hike to an orc infested cavern and right at the peak of battle realizing you forgot some vital component. Taking a few extra steps to prep up at any near by city will make sure you stay alive.
— Do not run from dungeon to dungeon, especially if not already preparing for the multi-dungeon battles and encumbrance hits. You will die!
— Keeping the right weapon on you is of the utmost concern. If you plan to stay at the shadow without ever getting into melee don’t load up on encumering axes, swords, ect (especially if you’re not proficient with them) And if you’re going to go in screaming don’t load up with hundreds of arrows; while cave romping you’ll need all the space you can get for loot.
— Daggers are fast, allow you to carry a shield AND weihgt next to nothing; however, you’ll barley get farther than a fist, so if you intend to do more than 50% of your fights in melee try using something more effective. They can make power attacks a major pain.
— One handed weapons are midway – you can still carry a shield, and keep a moderate amount speed and reach.

— Two handed weapons are for the armor proficient. Of course you’ll be able to deal ridiculous amounts of damage (I mean really ridiculous) and can keep your foes at a distance. But with slow block reaction time and wide sweeping strikes your going to take more hits than your give. I wouldn’t use it unless you have the defence of the heaviest armor, and you couldn’t care less what condition the armor comes out in. (make sure to have those repair hammers hotkeyed!)
— With a bow you should always take your first shot in stealth mode, then do your best to stay at range while giving rapid blows to your opponent. Always make sure you don’t leave home without enough arrows. It you go about 20% melee and 80% ranging then don’t go out with less than 200. However if you split it down the middle you can loosen up to about 120 – 150. Don’t underestimate how damn fast those arrows will disappear. (Always make sure to loot your fallen opponents body for embedded arrows, this will just about double how long you can keep fighting)
— Make sure to keep up your armor and weapons in tip top shape. Every once in a while you’ll make it out of a fight without a scratch, but with leveled characters chance are you’re going to be trading blows before the end. After most dungeons you’ll wish to god you had hit that journey man perk in armorer. It’s not unreasonable to keep around 10 repair hammers with you for adventuring, after all they only weigh 1 point each!
— Alchemy can be valuable even for the novice of witchcraft. Just make some simple potions like restore fatigue or poisons like damage fatigue. It’ll have those sudden effects that make you wonder what all the fuss is over Demora Lords.