‘Pacific Storm’ for PC Game Review

One of the better games released, ‘Pacific Storm‘ offers a detailed and involving game spanning the pacific theater of the Second World War between Japan and the United States.
Something that adds originality to the game is the technological development and evolutionary path that players can choose for their nation. Rather than following directly in the paths of the era’s actual developments players have complete control over what they develop. Whether it is advanced radar, guided missiles, fire control computers, advanced aircraft development, higher yield explosives, homing torpedoes, nuclear weapons, or any of the other many choices players need to then redesign unit specifications with these new advances and implement them in their units.

Maintaining and expanding a financial economy is important for players as well because without it they will not be able to pursue research, construction, or the upgrading of new units as well as base construction and improvements.

More details

Well before hostilities break out there is plenty to do in the way of logistics, supply, base and unit construction, research, and more. Troops need to be trained and deployed. Ships need to be redesigned and upgraded. Bases need to be founded and fortified. An infrastructure of oil, raw materials, and other supplies needs to be prepared. New income can be generated with the construction of industry and increases in population with the acquisition of new territories. Much unit construction relies not only on available financing but available raw materials as well. Research on the other hand relies only on available financing alone.

When the hostilities do finally break out, there is a whole other dimension of the game to be experienced. In combat mode the player must deploy and command their forces. There is also the option to pilot any aircraft or man anti-aircraft guns.

The modes

There are three modes that deployed forces can be set to. There is the passive mode where units will do nothing until the player orders them to do something, the defensive mode where units hold their positions and fire at will, and the aggressive mode where units will close on the opposition while firing at will. No matter what mode units are in the player can always give individual units direct orders. Players can also pilot any aircraft in the game with mouse, keyboard, or stick controls to join right into the action.

With the graphic options set to maximum, the video can be highly resource intensive but offers spectacular modeling, special effects, and animations. Players can zoom right down close to individual units or back the view out to a sort of a god mode to better comprehend the bigger picture going on.

A highly interesting and involving game, ‘Pacific Storm’ is one of my best picks.