Absolute honest review of the Tribez – Facebook game

I came across this game a while back and I started playing. Now that I played a lot, I decide to write my review

The good

The Tribez is a online game where you build a village and take care of your villagers. You then progress in the game by upgrading, building more and expanding. You need to take care of the crops so your villagers have something to eat so you need to grow your own food. You will also need to make sure that your villagers have a place to sleep and live and a place to have fun as they will not work if they are not happy.

All in all, you get the point. You are a in charge of a small village and it’s up to you to make sure that villages functions and that everyone in there are happy by building, expanding and making sure that they have everything they need in order to live a happy life.

The game is fun, I will admit that, you can have your friends helping you and you can ask them to do specific tasks in the game which is nice as it will speed up your game.

The bad

Now, the bad things about the game. It takes time to make a good progress. As most of the games today, they have in game currency with which you can speed up the process of your game. With those gems you can finish the building in progress and expand more easily.

If you don’t have enough friends to help you out, the process is slow or you will have to pay real money for it. You can try the Tribez cheats to speed things up. You may think that this game is great as there is only one bad thing, but the point of the game is to expand, grow and have more people in your village and they put a limit on that, the main point of the game.

Final words

The game is fun and addicting, but I suggest that you don’t play it seriously. You will not have that much fun if you do. Play it with a few friends, just chill out and have fun and you will get the most out of this game, that is sure.